Loan Against Property

Get Efficient Loan against Property with Low Interest Rate

Naman Services provides all solutions under one roof for the loan against property, we make a comparison list for you of every loan options of every bank and assist you to decide the best loan option in mortgaging. Mortgage loans are not that complicated as home loans but still, people find it a little bit complicated. Less awareness and wrong approach instill a fear factor in mortgage loans. There is a lot of money to take from and the interests are high if you will not take the right option. 

Naman Services make it less complicated; our advice and knowledge help you select the best possible mortgage loans. As there are bundled amount of mortgage loan options and to select the one that is best and suitable for you is not an easy task and confuse you to its core. Here we come handy, we find the perfect Loan against property for your every need. Apply Offline/Online Loan Against Property is only available for those who owned a residential property, commercial or industrial property. Below are some points for you if you want to take a loan against property

a) How much one can borrow?

Though the amount of loan can be varied from lender to lender, however the basic loan amount against a property usually sets between 50 to 85 percent of the total market value of the property. 

b) What is the period of repaying the loan?

Minimum repayment time is of 5 years however you can exceed it to 20 years, this longer period results in higher interest rates. That’s why as soon as the loan ends it is better for the borrower. 

c) Mortgage Loan Fees 

Banks charge LAP loan processing fees which can vary from 5000 rupees to 1 percent of the total loan amount. However, when you are using our services our experts can get you the minimum fee on loans. Once you pay the fee it is non-refundable, whether you are backing up from loan or did not get it because of the low CIBIL score, your fee does not refund in any condition.

Naman Services can assist you in finding the best deals in loan against property, it just took a little time before we rejuvenated on a best possible option for you, we will calculate your eligibility and apply to depend on that, that make you stand in a stronger position.

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