Our Registration Services

Our Registration Services

One of the most hectic processes to be faced by businessman and entrepreneur is of registration. It is not an only a lengthy process but also exhausted by repeated paperwork and rounds of particular offices. However, it is must paperwork and requirement of every business and industrial process. Naman Services also deals in registration process completion on behalf of your proprietorship.

A businessman or an entrepreneur or anybody who is busy and did not have time to complete registration or license process can contact us, we will take the responsibility for completion of registration and license for your business or anything.

Naman Services deals in applying and issuing for registration and license of various government and private authorities like :

ISO Registration: The most prominent registration in India, this registration considers as a seal of quality and trust in the Indian market. This is a quality management system that helps the organization and industries to ensure they meet customers’ needs within statuary and regulatory requirements of a product.

FSSAI License: If you want to open a restaurant or a food shop, this license is for you, FSSAI license ensure the quality and security of food products in India. The Food Safety and Standard Authority is an authorized authority in India for food licensing. Besides restaurants and food shop owners, traders, grocery shops, importers and exporters etc are eligible for FSSAI license.

Professional Tax Preparer: Naman Services can calculate, file and sign income tax returns on behalf of any individual and businesses. We also can represent taxpayers during IRS examination of tax returns. As you know income tax return and other tax preparation is a hectic and complicated job, if not taken care with certain strategies you should end up by paying more taxes. Naman Services offers the most eligible tax reform services, refund and tax preparation for you.

Company Formation: If you want to start a new business or want to plant a factory, anything you want to start we will provide you with all the necessary aspects of company formation, licensing registration, set-up, promotional strategy, capital generation, staff management and everything else regarding company formation. Naman Services provides all these services hassle-free and at a very nominal charge.

MSME Registration: MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, in our country, these levels of industries are the lifelines of millions of people. MSME registration gave them recognition, it is a one-time registration process and we Naman Services provide assistance in registering your industry in MSME.

TM (Trademark): Trademark is the representation of your company in short. It is a simple design or words but represents your firm on a big level. Naman Services also helps you in registering your trademark with concerned authority so that no one else is able to copy it.

 All these and many more services are provided by us under the registration and license process. All that exhausting paperwork, rounds of respective authorities, and wasting of your precious time can stop if you will give us the responsibilities on behalf of you, we will perform it with full professionalism and you will find our services the best in this genre. Contact Naman Services for any financial help; we are just a call away.

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