Term & Conditions

1.Documentation should be completed within 10 days from the date of issuing of approval letter otherwise the company will cancel the loan.
2.There could be a fine 2% of E.M.I. amount if installment will not be paid timely.
3.Rate of interest 8.5% yearly on the reducing balance.
4.The file will be canceled after 15 days if the procedure is incomplete.
5.Period of loans allowed up to a minimum 1 year and a maximum of 30 years.
6.Amount of loans allowed up to a maximum of 80% of the current market values of the property offered in the mortgage.
7.A minimum amount of loan should be Three lac for personal and property 5 lac.
8.Installation is payable on monthly/quarterly/half yearly basis.
9.Property of any type from anywhere in India is acceptable.
10.Premature repayment of loan and termination of mortgage is allowed without any penalty or charge of further interest.
11.The processing fee is required to be born and paid by the borrower after getting the loan approval letter if approval and only after having received the loan sanction commitment letter from us by the borrower.
12.The provision of issuing a session I commitment letter. If issue is binding on the prospective lender/financer and is also a claimable right of the prospective borrower under the law.
13.The loan process and disbursement both take about 3 days.
14.All disputes to be scheduled with Mumbai Court Jurisdiction only.
15.All dealing or transaction will carried on transparently.

Court Fee and Valuation Charges:-
1.Registration Fee Rs.2000/- and legal Advisor’s Fees Rs.2500/- only (Rs. 4500/-).
2.Court fee and valuation charges and charged after the clearance of loan but before court proceedings and issuance of the loan. Total expenses for court fee and valuation charges Depend on Amount.
3.No extra commission or service charges will be taken from your side.

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